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The long wait was finally over. Lola had been looking forward to this day. She was so full of hope and anxiety that it could be sensed million miles away. She woke before the break of dawn sat towards where she always received her inspiration of hope. Miguél and Maria had been unable to find Lola’s daughter. Lola was quite confident if she got freed, she would find her daughter because she felt there was a communication between her and her daughter, a telepathic relationship. That had been her reason for hoping for her freedom. While Lola was deep in thought thinking of the very beginning, the death of Rodriguez, she wondered what actually happened to Rodriguez. She began realizing that after the death of Rodriguez and they― herself and her husband were taken for interrogation and through the court trials they never categorically spoke about the Post-Mortem of Rodriguez’s body other than pictures taken at the supposed crime scene she and her husband had been charged for creating. Lola realized there was something indeed suspicious about Rodriguez being stated ‘dead’. She could swear herself and Tade had actually entered the room his body was found and despite the light in the room seemed to blink a lot there wasn’t any visible dead body especially at the position she remembered the investigators had captured his supposedly dead body.

Oye, es hora de tu prueba (hey! It is time for your trial) stated a warden. Lola replies ‘gracias’ (thank you). Lola is taken out of the cell to where her fate would be decided upon. She asks the warden if she could speak with her lawyer Miguél in the court room, Miguél was called for her. She hurriedly speaks to him about her discovery. Miguél nods and smiles. Lola sights Maria and smiles. Maria was having a successful probation meeting with her probation officer that there was a great possibility of her probation being lessened. The Judge is welcomed into the court room and the Prosecutor starts his statement by saying their presence in the court for Lola and Tade’s case is pure waste of time to him. He further stated that he had been through a lot of stress in the past for the case in particular. He goes about his facts of the past and further buttresses his argument by stating that one of the nights Lola, Tade and Rodriguez where together, Rodriguez presented a document for the couple to sign which was his transfer of ownership of all his properties to the couple. Therefore, stating Lola and Tade had known all along that Rodriguez properties and money was in their possession and will, which led to their plan to kill Rodriguez. The prosecutor played a video clip of the couple signing a document given by Rodriguez. The document wasn’t clearly visible just a part of it to show it was Rodriguez company’s document of ownership as it had same template that had been presented in one of the previous trials. On the video clip aside the trio friends, there was a lawyer representing Rodriguez legal counsel. He further interviewed Lola on stating the validity of the evidence. Lola states the event in the video did occur but not in the way it was being portrayed. The prosecutor interrupts her and makes her repeat the validity response of the video clip. The defendant Miguél comes on board repeating the same question the prosecutor had thrown at Lola. The validity of the video clip, she then replies yes like she had said initially. He further asks her does anything seem suspicious to you in the video clip, she says yes and starts to talk about the fact that the document that was being signed was a document of partnership in a restaurant business that they ―Herself, Tade and Rodriguez had seen great prospect in. She further stated that her husband’s legal counsel from Nigeria was also there via video calling and had vented the document and had even made a copy which could as prove an evidence for her point. She also stated that she and Tade had no idea when he transferred all he had to them. Then, the defendant presented a video clip and a document slip making it apparent that the prosecutor’s evidence wasn’t properly examined.

Miguél further stated that he believes the jailing of Lola and Tade was due to lack of proper examination of evidences against them. He revealed that the previous defendants for Lola and Tade were working clearly against them and not for them. He revealed the deals that had been offered to the Adams and made it apparent that there was someone or group of persons that stood a chance to gain in Rodriguez death. He brought the forensic evidences that he had been able to gather through the help of an established forensic laboratory. The forensic evidences were samples gathered during the time of the crime. After he had been able to get the results analyzed by a top forensic investigator Miguél was able to establish the fact that the gun was short at a closer range and the bullet from the pictures the investigator was able to deduce perhaps Rodriguez shot himself. At hearing this, the court went into a disorder state. Media houses began doing their jobs. The Prosecutor stood to object and alerted that Rodriguez had been a man full of life and committing suicide could never have been an option. Miguél then throws a question after the court had been restored back to order. He says ‘Hay algo que me ha estado molestando, nuncailegué a ver la autopsia de Rodríguez en ningun lado? Eso significa que nos hemos centrado en los sospechosos que Rodríguez murió  Dónde está su informe post mortem? Where’s his Post-Mortem Report’? (there’s something that has been bothering me, I never got to see the Post-Mortem of Rodriguez anywhere? does that mean we have been focusing on the suspects than Rodriguez who died? Where is his Post-Mortem Report?) His question puzzled the entire court room. The Judge tells the court to take a break. *****


Misublu hadn’t really spoken about her wicked foster father. She had told herself her pains were all over especially now that she had the love she had always wanted. She stumbled on a newspaper one evening. Her new friend came over with the newspaper as she had been sent on an errand to get it but decided to stop by at Misublu’s house to say a quick hi. Misublu whom had been trying to see how good she had become in some English section of the newspaper grabbed it and took it to Mr. Adams trying to show her ability to read. As Misublu gave the paper to Mr. Adams there and then he saw his life flash on a newspaper headline. His wife had filled for another court trial and won. So they had been set free! They were now free! He stared deeply into the paper while Misublu stood looking confused. She decides to ask ‘what is wrong papa’, and he replies ‘I have been set free’. He gave Misublu’s friend money to get another copy for her dad. Misublu sees her off a short distance bothered about what her new papa was insinuating by being free.  Tade Adams couldn’t believe his misery for years had just been a set up. From the story on the newspaper it was revealed Rodriguez had been the one to shoot himself and there was a possibility he was alive. Tade Adams kept pondering on why he had to set them up. Why he had to punish himself and his family as well as the daughter he still hadn’t found. He thought of his wife and realized he had to get in touch with her so she knows he’s still very much alive and on the quest on finding their daughter so they could go back to Nigeria. He then tries to get the details of the lawyer who had fought their fight for them. ****


‘Hello!’ Tade says, ‘Good day’ came the reply. Oh! Ok I can communicate in English Tade says feeling happy because he would love to communicate in English giving the way he felt at the moment. Tade then says, I’m very grateful for what you have done for us. Honestly, words can’t express how grateful I am. Okay, who am I speaking with please? Miguél asks then Tade replies, ‘I am Tade Adams’. Oh wow! Tade Adams! I could tell you didn’t die. Where are you right this Minute’ Tade replies ‘I am at a small slum town with my new adopted family’. ‘How is my wife?’ Miguél replies, ‘she is perfectly fine’ she would be so joyous to know you are alive we would come as soon as we can to the town’. Tade gives directions overly joyed he would be reuniting with his beloved wife soon. Some hours later Lola, Miguél arrive at La Zurza. La Zurza, the town where Tade stays. All along, Lola had been wondering if Tade had a lady in his life since he told Miguél he was ‘living with his adopted family’.  On arriving and following the directions Tade had given, they figured his place easily. When they both set eyes on each other, Lola and Tade were in awe for minutes. Till Miguél had to snap them out of it. They hugged each other and pecked each other so passionately that every other person in the room had to leave the room for their privacy. Later in the evening, they spoke extensively about their freedom, their daughter and going back to Nigeria. Lola informs that their family back in Nigeria had gotten aware of the ongoing situation and had transferred a huge amount for Miguél’s service and their upkeep. So they all left Tade’s shanty home for one of the conducive hotels in the town. After much discussions, Tade introduces Misublu properly to Miguél and Lola. Telling them her story. Miguél immediately finds link to his search for Lola’s daughter. He had gathered that her name was Misublu, and she had run away from her foster father whose name seemed to have no link to some important documents. Lola was also already thinking in line with Miguél. She then goes to kneel beside Misublu, asking about her foster father’s name, she stated his name as Rodrigo. That had become a perfect match of what Miguél knew.

Next morning, they all had set out to a hospital for DNA test. Miguél had cleverly told the Adams not to get freaked out by the news and start showing so much excitement towards Misublu till it was confirmed. After the collection of samples, some minutes later, the news was communicated that Misublu was an Adam. She was a part of them, their flesh and blood. Lola cried and cried holding tight to her daughter she had gotten all she ever seriously hoped for in life. Tade was in complete shock thinking of what he had said to himself which had become a reality, his daughter indeed found her way back to him and now to them. The Government of Dominican Republic apologizes and compensates them. They leave Dominican Republic two weeks after sorting all legal issues and getting a good apartment and care for Tade’s adopted mother. On their way back to Nigeria, they hold hands and talk about changing Misublu’s name, but they all conclude, ‘it is a reminder of a past hope that came to pass’.


Weeks later, Miguél and Maria gives the Adams a call. ‘Hola como va en Nigeria?’ (hey! How is it going in Nigeria) The Adams reply ‘está yendo bien, estamos felices de tener una oportunidad más en la felicidad (it is going fine we are happy to be given one more shot on happiness) and they all laugh happily.

Miguél then says in English after teasing The Adams, “There had been a discovery which the law had taken control of. Indeed, Rodriguez did not die as suspected. We got to know he had been the one to adopt Misublu after he did a plastic surgery. He set up the whole thing because he had been threatened to be ripped off his inheritance by some bad people he had scammed in a business deal. He needed the world to think he was dead and wanted to still live the kind of life his fraudulent lifestyle had brought for him. He was a psychopath who also wanted Lola and took it up on her daughter― Misublu. The Adams stare at each other full of tears. They had been victims of a Maniac they stumbled upon…. What did the Government do about it? Asked Tade. Miguél Replies ‘He killed himself before the Verdict’….


The END!


Photo Credit: Official Image of Misublu by Trin Notion

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