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Fashion and Self Brand Creation Talk II

An Exposition on Self Brand Creation 

There’s need to set standards for yourself in all you do let people know you for you. Don’t live another person’s life be Original to thyself.

The word Self Brand Creation Strikes you as what ???

Rather, When your name is mentioned what do people describe you as? This is just a question to reveal to you the kind of brand you portray.





According to Wonuola, “self brand is all about distinguishing yourself and aligning to what you want to be in few years’









Taiwo says “self brand is a reflection of your self development”









Sankeem says Self Brand “starts the moment you know that you ain’t ordinary. It is equivalent to Self Worth and Self Value”.









Ayoade says “self brand in all forms are built from virtues, vices, aim, objectives, vision or a lack of. From inner internalization to bearing forth fruits for everyone to see and reckon with”.









Ruth Merian Says “self brand is a representation of your consistency and personality”.









What is Self Brand Creation?
This seems to be ‘as the name implies’ kind of case, but I got to realize a lot of us approach it from different views. Well, we are all humans and our thinking perspective is expected to be different..
From all definitions and write-ups gathered, I could deduce the Generally acknowledged definition of  Self Brand
A lot of definitions revealed the concepts of
Self Value
Self Development
Personality and Self Concept.
We would be taking the following concepts one by one.


Has a lot to do with how much you think of yourself which can be directly or otherwise referred as Self Esteem.
Self Brand is directly linked to your perception of your value—worth. You have to acknowledge how inestimable you are to yourself and how you can go about doing what you set to achieve.

Believing in yourself and filtering people’s ideas of you goes a long way in building your Self Value;self worth. There’s need to set standards for yourself in all you do let people know you for you. Don’t live another person’s life be Original to thyself. You were created to be you with the YOU concept. Are you wondering what the you concept is all about??? Well, I’m referring to your physique, complexion, behavioral disposition. We don’t just come about our talents or skills which are inherent because we want to. They are inherent because they form part of the YOU Concept.

Your Self Value shouldn’t also be on the high side where vices begins to gain dominance. What do I mean by that???
Well, I mean you not letting your Self Value become a thing of being excessively prideful or the thought that you are way better than everyone, or your standards outwits others. Learn to Balance, we all know the kind of persons we are(if you don’t please start studying yourself) Balance your pride game and learn to appreciate other people’s display of their self worth. You aren’t the only great person in this world actually everyone is. Just depends on how you go about greatness you possess. So learn to strike a balance and appreciate other great Individuals. The World does not need to approve of you.
Always Do YOU!

Self Development entails your pace on becoming the YOU! you want to be. Self Development is an endless phrase as long as you live you keep developing yourself. Your Self Brand to a large extent is a reflection of your Brand ( Just as Taiwo said). In the Marketing fields for those of us who are privy to go through the commercial fundamentals and rudiments (hehe, don’t hate on us please😉) In Marketing, the product development first goes in place before the ‘branding’though product development is a process of branding. We could liken it in the Self Context. You can’t exactly be a brand if you haven’t developed an integral part of yourself such as The Self Value—Self Esteem and the likes of Consistency, Confidence, behavioral disposition as well. We move to the next point which would discuss the following factors extensively.👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽

What does personality entail??? I’m always particular about this aspect. Is it safe to say that there are Personalities and there are personalities. I’m not trying to belittle or disregard any human but that’s just the fact! There are people you meet and you know they are mind blowing personalities and there are some you just classify as the regular type. If you do not do this categorically, then you do it subconsciously by means of stereotyping.
People with awesome personalities are those that orchestrate their YOU Concept and come about a well defined profile.Making you see their trademarks, their originality and well coordinated attributes. The awesome personality types are usually consistent you can’t see them changing their wraps or going about redefining and interpreting their brands like some product brands do which often makes them experience loss of market share. Usually, it’s assumed companies which keep re-branding again and again aren’t exactly a standard organization. There’s actually room for modifications but not when it goes on and on for a brand. Likewise the Self Context. You can keep redefining yourself by being developed continuously which correlates and is seen as you being more refined.E.g Coca-Cola with the solo bottle concept

The solo bottle doesn’t change Coca-Cola’s brand rather it gives them an opportunity to gain a better market share for all market segments.
This is just to make explicit that Consistency is paramount so as development.
Aside Consistency;

we have Confidence Many people lack the right amount of confidence to pull through what they are passionate about. Yes! They are passionate but then they lack the confidence that makes the concept viewed the way it ought to be.
Your Confidence matters a lot it projects charisma, strength, boldness and a reasonable amount of pride. Confidence also distinguishes you from the crowd it makes the world see something that can not be fathomed about you.

Behavioral Disposition for self branding has to be refined. The way you behave about a particular situation reveals your self brand. It is okay to be hurt to vent your anger. Just do not blow it out of proportion. Do not let your emotions get the better part of you. Let the you factor in situations reveal your strength of character.

Ways to Create an Amazing Self Brand

  • First let your mindset be fixed on reflecting God’s Glory
  • Create a mental picture of who you want to be indirectly  making You(futuristic you) your own role model.
  • Jolt down what you want to develop
  • Grow your Self Worth;physically, financially, socially, spiritually
  • Convert your weaknesses to your strengths while maintaining your strengths
  • Fashion Sense is paramount as well. Project Class and Confidence
  • Be Confident, Consistent and your definition of  ‘refined’
  • Mirror, Mirror Strategy😁: Look into the mirror talk to yourself and evaluate who you see
  • Appreciate others
  • Enjoy being YOU!😘









Fashion and Self Brand Creation II

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