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The Tale of an Average Girl

Friends Forever #TAAG

“What to do Laura?” I cried in the voice that screamed ‘help me’. She took a look-over at my disarrayed bed and adjusted her sitting position like one in authority.

Wake up girl! it’s called reality. How could you possibly think he would buy that idea? He would bluntly disagree just before you complete the last word of your sentence. Laura glared at me with scorn. She couldn’t believe I could come up with such idea to save my ass. What did I care? I just needed to save myself of my present predicament. I had literally ran out of options and here was Laura trashing the one option I had presented so smartly to her. Evidently, we do not uphold the same definition of ‘smart’. “What to do Laura?” I cried in the voice that screamed ‘help me’. She took a look-over at my disarrayed bed and adjusted her sitting position like one in authority.

Laura and I have been friends since forever. I recall my first meeting with her was the little me of about Seven(7) years old trying to figure out how to untangle my doll’s hair. She was the only one around my age offering me an attention. I recall how neat and orderly she had combed her doll’s hair and placed her in her pack. She helped in untangling Ivy’s hair and placed in the pack like she had done to hers. I appreciated her kind gesture but I made sure I didn’t get rid of the attention so quickly even though I couldn’t strike a decent conversation with her. She turned out to be just like I was, a shy girl whom really couldn’t relate with her mates. Why couldn’t I relate with my mates??? well, my answer would be I was brought up by great disciplinarians whom always ensured I was indoors and interactions was somewhat based on their terms. I grew up with the mentality that I could never be as good as my mates were in academics, sport, talent exhibition basically everything that revolved round a child. I never thought myself good enough and then I had ‘people’ who seemed to be perfect as family friends or people my parents knew and compared me with. I was in literal term ‘a nobody to myself’ and my resolution was to be withdrawn and just typically observe on-goings. I knew I wasn’t book smart but my resolve to be withdrawn and an observer made me a bit wise. I started deducing possible outcomes of an event as a result of my consistent observation and uncontrolled experiments usually enacted by people going about their activities.

In Laura’s case, Laura grew up in a less strict home, she could do whatever she liked however she wanted it. She is the only child, hence, so much love and pampering. Laura never really felt good about herself she grew up thinking less of herself and sometimes would make me feel I am better than she is which I really never understood. She had a weird way of shutting people out of her life at one point in time I wondered her basis for acting in such way because I had learnt that actions aren’t just enacted but have an effect and causal relationship. The effect in such case acts as the outcome of the precedent action vented and the causal part is the feedback or the consequence of a precedent action. So, Laura must have had a one time that changed her entire time, her thoughts;thinking process, actions enacted in response to a similar event of the one time which I believe is her shutting people out of her life.
It’s actually funny now that I think of it that I have managed to stay long in her life. It’s been about Seventeen (17) years since our friendship and I love to term that ‘a forever’.

“Okay Tiwa! I have got an Idea, we would have to make it real” she said. I listened to her idea carefully and realized we complimented each other pretty well. She grew faster than I in terms of maturity and physical development. She was always my saving grace back then in my high school days. She would lie to save me even to her detriment. Here, she is once again stating an idea that would save me from an embarrassing situation and implicate her in an event she just got to know this morning. A typical example of me acting Irrationally in literal term ‘acting before thinking’.


The Tale of an Average Girl

Series One-Friends Forever 



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