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The Tale of an Average Girl III

Series Three (3) #TAAG

“You have been accused of speaking and interacting unprofessionally to an undisclosed client. You should also know the undisclosed client has proceeded to charge the firm to court for disrepute, harassment and unprofessionalism. What do you have to say about that”?

“I would like to say I have been wrongly accused, I have known the undisclosed client for a number of years before I joined Headlines. The client had shown perverted acts towards me and to avert such I declined going to him for business or casual purposes. I have a friend whom works at the Spanish Embassy whom could attest to his poorly comported sexuality as he has made such advances to her as well. However, on a certain day my supervisor instructed me to go to the client for some proposals I had been instructed to come about. I declined as I knew what was likely to occur but my supervisor was adamant. As a matter of fact she assigned me to the undisclosed client and stated my performance would be based on the client’s satisfaction of my service rendered. At that point, I wasn’t aware my supervisor and the stated client had had an agreement to assign me. I can’t tell for a fact if my supervisor knew he is perverted or she thought I had other attitudinal issues with him but, she ensured I went to this client every week.

All the while I went for about three (3)times, I always had someone to come along with me from the company as I knew I couldn’t stay in the same room with the client alone. On one particular occasion my supervisor tasked the colleague I usually go with and engaged the other available hands so I could go alone. I went to the client’s office I was ushered into his office to see him with a lady in a compromising state. I offered to leave immediately but the client stopped me in my track by saying what he was doing does not affect me executing my job. He eventually sent the other lady out and offered me a seat. I took the seat and then we started talking business. In between he stood up walked around to his door and locked it. I knew instantly that I had better stood up and made my way to the door. He blocked me and asked why I was in a hurry to leave when we had just started our discussion. He kept walking closer while I walked backwards till I had gotten to the wall and there he started to use his hand. In reaction to that I grabbed the next available thing I could use for my self defense to hit him. I Removed the key from his pocket and hurriedly ran to the door. He called me a slut and I called out on my heels ‘the worst human being on earth”.


The Tale of an Average Girl

Series Three (3):Panel

#TAAG #thetaleofanaveragegirl

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